December 4, 2018


Remove Negative Internet Posts FAQ

1. Is this a scam? / Are you a fraud?


No CleanSlate.Solutions is NOT a scam or fraud. We are a division of, an established corporation since 2010. We have maintained the same verifiable business street address for over a decade, and have served hundreds of satisfied customers.

We have been online since 2010 and have no affiliation with websites that house, proliferate or host arrest records and mugshots, other than to facilitate the management of client search results.

CleanSlate.Solutions is the industry leader in protecting  and cleaning your online reputation.

2. Where do these people get my arrest record / mugshot? Is this legal? How are they allowed to publish it? What if I was found not guilty, or the associated charge(s) were dropped or expunged?


We truly understand what you are going through.  If state law provides for free removal of the booking photo, what do you do after it’s removed, and the record remains, and perhaps even the image in residual search results from Google, Yahoo, etc. CleanSlate.Solutions is able to remove all the associated content, as well as the search engine results that can maintain residual content, including images.

Database administrators will comply with pending and existing regulations so they are able to maintain their advertising revenues. Most content is going to remain on the websites however CleanSlate.Solutions can de-index or effectively remove the associated content from Search Engine Results.

3. What if I want to pay to have my mug shot photo removed from a website?


Unfortunately not a good idea. The ironic aspect of the law if even if you unilaterally send money for removal, without any request, a website can have liability for accepting your payment. The result is the law may forever harm you because there is no incentive for websites to remove mug shot photos.  Note that the mugshot websites have other possible means of monetizing their site other than removal fees. Such as general banner advertising.

The result of the law is even if you feel you are being defamed by a photo and you want to pay to have the picture removed, it will not be removed

The harm to your career, reputation and person and will outweigh the cost of removing the mug shot a million times over. The legislative analysis reflects this issue was considered but the legislature decided it was more important to withhold money from websites than to protect your privacy and reputation.

There are, fortunately, creative ways to legally pay to have your mugshot pushed down and de-indexed from Google and all other major Search Engines. CleanSlate.Solutions is determined to find a solution that will comply with the law, allow First Amendment freedoms and facilitate the removal of associated content from Search Results.  We are a Search Engine Results Firm.

4. Will my mugshot ‘pop-up’ on other sites as soon as I use your service?


No, absolutely not. Using our service will not make it any more likely or any less likely for the record to appear on an alternate platform. You can logically deduce that with fewer instances of your record online, the chance for another person to discover and proliferate it are reduced, however, it will have no affect on large automated databases that gather electronic information. Removing content from a specific database does not negate the freedom of speech rights associated with public documents. We will always have the right to print out public records and post them on telephone poles anywhere.

The popular misconception is that once you pay for one removal others ‘pop-up’. There is malicious cause for this, but there are natural causes for this. As stated, searching for these instances can and will cause damage. After an individual has searched and accessed the content, perhaps also engaging services to seek out the content, search engines naturally build a stronger association, and may begin to list items that were absent from the listings prior to the association, yet they still resided online. 

When someone removes content, which then appears to ‘pop up’ on another database, it is a random occurrence. In order for this to be a coordinated activity, the agency of arrest, each database, the removal agent and the Search Engines would all have to be ‘in’ on the conspiracy! It simply does NOT happen. The databases (websites) that are currently displaying your arrest records are large, technically proficient entities which gather millions of files. Usually the files are gathered directly through county or city agencies. There are no databases in operation that coordinate with other parties and/or hand-select or republish specific arrest files. It would be logistically impossible and unprofitable.

5. I hear it’s against the law now to charge people to remove their mugshot, because the law says you can’t profit from public records?


We do not accept money to remove mugshots or arrest records.  We remove residual content from major search engines and / or de-index the associated page so we may facilitate removal from Google and other major Search Engines.

6. Why do I have to pay to have my record deleted?


You do not have to pay us to have your record listing deleted.

We are an assistance service, much like that of a vital-document assistance service. CleanSlate.Solutions was created out of demand for the need to remove search engine results quickly. Many people are in a similar situation as yourself and want  CleanSlate.Solutions to clean their name sooner rather than later. Our service is designed to expedite your goals, but is 100% optional. We do not solicit on an individual basis to individuals who have associated content in any online databases.

7. How much do your services cost?


We do not charge for mugshot or record removal. Only the facilitation of omission from Search Engine facilities such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.  We offer free estimates and service proposals with fees starting at $25 – which counts towards an new project.  A full project starts at $800.00 – which is refundable minus $125.00 service fee.

8. How long does it take for the associated Search Engine results to clear?


Although the time-frame is based on Google and other search engines and it varies from database to database, removal is swift, usually a few days but could take up to 45 days in some cases based on the entrenched information.

9. Are you the best service?


We believe so. We have hundreds of very satisfied clients whom we have assisted. We offer a money back guarantee on full projects minus expenses ($125.00).

10. Why use CleanSlate.Solutions?


  • 1. We remove the image from Google search results in an expeditious manner using proprietary methodology.
  • 2. We remove collateral snippets / listings that contain your name, working with you until Google is clean.
  • 3. We are an established company, we are a stable and verifiably addressed business with nearly a decade of reliable service.
  • 4. We are discreet and confidential.  We never release names to the public. Ever.