January 3, 2019

How To Clean Your Online Image In 4 Steps

Most everyone at one time or another has made a mistake, and would like to remove a post from Google. Whether it’s as innocuous as a post complaining about a co-worker or as serious as a DUI or arrest. Here’s a quick 4 step guide to help get those awful things off of Googles front page.

  1. Saturate the keyword: The ‘keyword’ in this instance is most likely your name. So let’s use Jane Marie Doe as an example. You will need to create posts on Google with the keywords in the title that will push down any negative posts. “Jane Marie Doe Wins Award” or “Jane Marie Doe Excels at Pottery”. Post to sites like wordpress, blogger.com etc. and eventually Google will post these articles above the bad one.
  2. Push the negative down with a website: In addition to the above techniques you should also buy a domain ($5) called Jane-Marie-Doe.com and post content on it. Post other articles here as well, and create pages with titles like “Jane-Marie-Doe Arrest” and writ about your ‘arresting’ ability to light up a room. Sounds corny but it’s better than the alternative.
  3. In a Hurry? Buy a Press Release: Press releases are one of the quickest ways to get positive articles posted above the bad ones on Google. Press Release Companies are one of the easiest ways to suppress the bad. They can post on over 400 sites (like ABC, NBC etc) that Google give authority too and rank them over the negative stuff pretty quickly.
  4. Hire a Reputation Management Company: Do your research! Don’t go with a fly-by-night company, find one that has been in business over 5 years and has a physical address. Also look for companies that guarantee their work, so you get what you pay for.

Remember this unfortunately does take time, Google needs to find these positive posts and then rank them. So it may take 3–4 weeks to take effect. So start soon if you need to clean your online slate.