December 27, 2018

Mike Taylor Top Google Link Removal

Blog Headline: The Award for Remove Link From Google the most efficiently goes to Mike Taylor


CleanSlate Solutions honoured Mike Taylor with the Top Google Link Removal Artist Award. Top Remove Link From Google Artist and winners of this award are available at

Mike Taylor was honored with the Top Google Link Removal Artist for Mike Taylor removed links and images from Google for over 22 clients in the 4th quarter.

Each quarterly Online Reputation Management CleanSlate Solutions gives this special award to it’s best employee. Mike taylor has shown tremendous commitment over the past quarterly.

Blog Summary: Mike Taylor was honored with the Remove Image From Google Award for removing links and images from Google for over 22 clients in the 4th quarter.

CleanSlate Solutions gives it’s Top Google Link Removal Artist Award because it believes the most important element in its business after it’s customers are it’s employees.

In his duties as Remove From Google Search Analyst he has repeatedly shown his excellence at finding the fastest and most efficient ways to remove images from Google for our clients. He is always ready to help out others on the team as well. and when asked to remove links from Google for a client that has an issue they don’t need the whole world to see, Mike jumps right in. . He’s also liked and admired by both customers and staff. These are all qualities CleanSlate Solutions holds in especially high regard.

Michael Benning, CEO of CleanSlate Solutions said: “Many companies don’t show any appreciation to their employees at all. But here at CleanSlate Solutions we like to recognize the great work our employees do and show them that we are paying attention and giving them the recognition they so richly deserve for the hard work they do every day.”

“Mike Taylor is a fantastic worker with a great attitude. He answers any and all questions a client may have with a smile on his face. and is a pleasure for his fellow staff to work with. Every day he shows that he really cares about helping those who may have made a past mistake in their life, move on and start with a clean slate. and is always willing to go the extra mile.”

“Mike Taylor displays exactly what we stand for at CleanSlate Solutions…an astonishing willingness to discreetly and confidentially help our clients move on with their lives.. We’re especially proud of Mike Taylor for that. He’s a very deserving award winner.”

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